Unique, fascinating, inspiring, Belsize Square is an independent synagogue – neither orthodox nor reform – occupying its own place in British Jewry. Traditional yet modern, our story after 75 remarkable years is still unfolding. To get a flavour of who we are, have a browse.

Rabbi’s message

Early good wishes for a Yom Ha’atzma’ut Same’ach on Israel’s 69th anniversary and Chag Shavuot Same’ach for God’s revelation at Sinai, giving the Torah to Israel. First, Israel’s Independence Day...

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Latest News

WJR Refugee Appeal Cards

We have all seen the terrible images of refugees forced to leave their homes and risking all to seek safety elsewhere. Now instead of buying your host the usual gifts,..

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Pesach Message from Board of Deputies

Pesach Message President Jonathan Arkush Nissan 5777 Pesach is a time both to look back and look forward. We remember the slavery and ultimately the regaining of freedom of our..

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