Monthly Archives: November 2018

Mitzvah Day 2018


Mitzvah Day this year was a huge success as we entertained the elderly of our community, visited a local care home to meet the residents and helped clean Keats Community Library. We also collected food for the Camden Food Bank, clothes for the Separated Child Foundation and toiletries for the homeless.

Cantors Gala Concert


On the 14th October, our synagogue held a concert featuring four cantors and the Belsize Square Professional Choir led by Benjamin Wolf. Bringing the finest cantorial compositions, cantors Paul Heller, Gedalya Alexander, Robert Brody and Yohel Heller took us through a journey from eastern to western European tradition.

We heard a wide range of tonalities, each cantor having a particular timbre. The concert displayed the broad spectrum of emotions contained in cantorial music, from sadness to joy, and even comedy! Through a mix of solos and duets, the participants shared with us their passion, authenticity and tremendous generosity in their singing.

Our musical committee would like to thank the cantors, Musical Director and musicians for this wonderful event.

Pictures courtesy of Paul Rowland.

WJR Refugee Appeal Cards

We have all seen the terrible images of refugees forced to leave their homes and risking all to seek safety elsewhere.
Now instead of buying your host the usual gifts, like flowers or a box of chocolates, you can give them a gift card that shows you have donated to the World Jewish Relief’s refugee appeal. The card’s artwork is shown below.
The minimum suggested donation is £10 per card. They can be purchased through the synagogue office or by clicking here.



If you would like to know more about WJR’s appeal click here