A vocal anniversary

A vocal anniversary

Sue HeimannnAfter the solemnity of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Succot and its conclusion with Simchat Torah come as a joyful reaction. This year again saw our recent ritual of the fully unrolled scroll surrounding the congregation, as well as several women participating in hakafot, carrying the Torah in the circuits.

But this year the service also celebrated the 50th anniversary of soprano Sue Heimann’s choir service.

Sue Rosenberg, as she was, started in the Children’s Choir under the late Hanny Lichtenstern, whose professional singing career in Germany as Johanna Metzger was cut short by the Nazi regime. Hanny gave her heart and soul to perfecting the choir, which had been started by Charlotte Salzberger, wife of our congregation’s first rabbi.

Sue was Hanny’s star pupil and the youngest member when she joined the choir aged six. She hung around at the back of the class and choir loft and badgered Hanny until she was allowed to join. Hanny gave her three lessons a week from the age of 10 and she sang everywhere she went.

Hanny’s husband, Paul Lichtenstern, also a professional musician, taught her piano up to grade V, when she decided to concentrate on voice. At school she was only interested in music and sport. At 13, she was promoted to the Adult Choir, 10 years younger than normal, and flitted between both choirs. At 16, she took over from Hanny the rendering of Zacharti lach, (I have memories of you) the plangent verses from the Prophets, which is such a highlight of the Rosh Hashanah Musaf Service. She also sang it at weddings and at the funerals of Rabbi Jakob Kokotek and Rev Joseph Dollinger.

The Children’s Choir, which became the Youth Choir in 1975, when Sue was pregnant with her first child – it didn’t seem quite right to call it a children’s choir any longer – performed regularly at the old-age homes in Bishop’s Avenue (now closed). It was also called upon for the annual memorial service of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

When Hanny retired from conducting, handing over the reins to Sue Straus (now Mariner), together, they continued entertaining at the old-age homes, accompanied by Paul Lichtenstern.

As a child, Sue played with the Lichtensterns’ son, David. Another childhood friend was Peter Heimann, whose aunt was a close friend of her aunt. Peter had a tenor voice and was also taught by Hanny. Peter’s was the first Bar Mitzvah Sue sang at. They married in 1973 and continued singing together while bringing up their two daughters, Ruthie and Sarah.

Sadly, Peter died in 2008. A concert in celebration of his life, held at Wembley (United) Synagogue, raised funds not only for his family but Belsize Square Synagogue, Laniado Hospital where Peter had been treated when taken ill in Israel, and Chai Cancer Care.

Sue worked in a special needs school with autistic and Down’s Syndrome children, which she loved. She then worked for 10 years at the charity, Chai Cancer Care, in Hendon. She says: “I am thrilled that I now do ‘granny duty’ for my gorgeous granddaughters, Sasha and Olivia, who both have lovely voices, like my daughters.”

She is also thrilled to be able to sing still with both the Community Choir and the Professional Choir. “I thank them both for all the support they give me,” she says. “Long may it last!”

We wish Sue many more tuneful years. You can hear her on 13 November, when she will sing in the choir at the newly designated Henry Kuttner z”l Choir Shabbat.

Henry, who died in March 2014, aged 84, conducted the choir for 15 years, following in his father’s footsteps. He then spent 15 years preserving and computerising our liturgical music. The service recognises his contribution to the community.