Youth Leaders

Mel and Zoe

Youth leaders Mel Nathan (left) and Zoe Cowan

Mel and Zoe have grown up in Belsize, attending the Cheder as both students and teachers, taking part and leading various youth activities and are now proud to be the Youth Leaders.

With a grandfather who helped found the synagogue, Mel has always found a place in her heart for the congregation. Whilst at school Mel helped with various youth groups, leading camps and activities for children aged 5-18. She then went to university and gained herself a BA and PGCE leading her to a job as the Head of RE at a state comprehensive secondary school. She says that being part of the youth at Belsize Square Synagogue is exciting and full of fun activities which help build community spirit and allow the children to make friends.

Zoe has been part of the community since birth and values the close friendships that have been made during her time at Belsize. During school, Zoe was very involved with the Scout movement, leading camps and activities for girls and boys aged 11-18. She then started working as a Learning Support Assistant alongside running the youth for Belsize and is currently undertaking a BA in Special Education. She is the leader of a local Scout group and enjoys creating activities and leading camps for young people. She says that taking on the role of Youth Leader at Belsize Square again is an exciting opportunity which will allow the children of the community to thrive and create memories which will be cherished into adulthood.

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