Youth Leader

Lucy Bergman has been a part of the Belsize community since birth, attending the nursery when it was run internally, and was part of the cheder as a student and later a teacher. Lucy was often involved in the Belsize youth programming as a child and is very excited to continue to create a safe space for the children of Belsize to bond and grow together.

Lucy gained a BSc in Psychology from the University of Reading, and after graduating she went on to travel for 8 months, some of which she spent volunteering in Sri Lanka on a mental health placement. This included work in psychiatric hospitals, running programmes for children with disabilities, and teaching English to children in temples. This work further inspired Lucy to continue to work with children and young people to provide a secure and stimulating environment for them to thrive in.

Lucy has worked on two different summer camps in Canada, taking one group of children on a trip to New York and Boston in the summer of 2018. As well as this, she works part-time for the charity Norwood, as a playworker for children with disabilities during the holiday schemes. She says that taking on the full time role of Youth Leader at Belsize Square is a great opportunity for her to connect the youth within the community and to facilitate their personal growth.

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